1 DOZEN Fertile Chicken Eggs for Hatching

1 DOZEN Fertile Chicken Eggs for Hatching

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1 DOZEN fertile chicken eggs for hatching laid by our pasture raised chickens.  Great for starting or expanding your own flock.  Resulting chicks will be a barnyard mix of brown egg layers.  Sire (father) is a Black Australorp/Sicilian Buttercup mix and Dam (mother) is either Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, ISA Brown, Black Australorp cross or Dark Brahma.  80% fertility guaranteed.


    80% fertility guaranteed.  Eggs must be candled at day 7 and photos provided in order to get infertile eggs replaced.  80% fertility does not guarantee hatch as there are many variables to a successful hatch.  We are happy to answer any questions on hatching.


    CAN NOT BE SHIPPED. Available for local pick up in Parrish, Florida.