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Your Neighbors Committed to Providing You Farm Fresh Products From A Source You Can Trust

Here at Serenity Oaks Homestead, we've provided the Parrish, Florida and surrounding communities with farm fresh, pasture raised chicken eggs at a competitive price since 2015.

We’re excited to have expanded our product offerings and are committed to providing our community with a local source of farm fresh products free of antibiotics and hormones including pasture raised duck and chicken eggs, raw goat milk (pet consumption only per FL law), goat cheese and goat milk soap.  For those individuals who are looking to start or expand their own home flocks, we offer chicks and ducklings hatched from our flock and fertile eggs for hatching. We're also excited to be offering educational classes to get the new poultry and dairy goat owner off to the right start.  Perhaps you just want to come and tour our farm, we offer farm tours as well!  We know how important it is to know the source of your food and exactly what is in it.  We are committed to providing our community with a local and honest source from which to acquire farm fresh products at a competitive price.  

Our duck and chicken eggs are laid by our farm bred chickens and ducks and are raised with access to all the grass, bugs and sunshine their little heart’s desire: just like nature intended.  As a result, their eggs are more nutritious and delicious!  We never use any antibiotics, growth hormones or anything else our hens wouldn't naturally consume in nature.  We offer our eggs unwashed  (for pet consumption only per Florida law) so the naturally protective coating is still on the shell.  Our hens raise their own young if they so desire and those chicks are added to our laying flock or sold to individuals looking to start their own flocks.

​Our raw goat milk, goat cheese and the milk in our goat milk soap comes from our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats and one Lamancha who are raised without any antibiotics or hormones. We maintain a closed and yearly clean tested herd to assure the quality of our milk and milk-based products. Our goats have full access to a wooded pasture so they live as naturally as possible.  Their milk is rich and creamy with a high butterfat content (6.5% to 10% plus!) We don't separate the kids from the does to acquire milk, as we don't believe in causing any unnecessary stress to the kids or does.  We offer kids on a limited basis for sale once they are weaned.  They make the most amazing little pets as they are only about 50 pounds when fully grown!  

​As we continue to grow and expand, our mission of providing farm fresh products to our community from a source you can trust at an affordable price continues.


For A Limited Time

Goat Cuddle Sessions

Through the end of May 2024


Click Here For More Info & Booking

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