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Terms Of Sale

To avoid misunderstandings and disappointment, please read our goat reservation process and other terms of sale information before reserving a goat from Serenity Oaks.


Goat Kid Prices 2024

Doelings (female baby goats) out of first fresheners are sold starting at $500 as a base price.  Sire and dam accolades are added to this base price.  (LA scores, GCH, elite, etc.)  After a doe’s first freshening, pricing may go up or may stay around $500, depending on our evaluation of the doe’s mammary system, milk production, and potential show quality. Bucklings (male baby goats) are available only out of does who have good production, good mammary systems, and are easy to milk; otherwise, they are wethered (castrated) and sold as pets. Bucklings start at a base price of $300 and any sire and dam accolades are added to that base price.  This helps us keep things objective across the board.  Bucks out of first fresheners are usually wethered because the dam has not had the time to prove herself in the first month after her first kids are born. We will not sell a buck as a buck unless we would be willing to use him in our own breeding program, which is why we castrate most bucklings and sell them as pets.


Reserving Your Serenity Oaks Kid

If you’d like to buy a baby goat, a reservation deposit is required. A kid is NOT reserved until a deposit has been received.  Once a deposit is received, the kid will be marked as pending on our website, until then, that kid is still available.  Please call (425)-329-5065 or e-mail us with the name of the kid you want to purchase or the gender of the kid you want to reserve if not born yet, along with the name of the dam. The deposit is non-refundable. We will send you a link or invoice to make your deposit.  

The deposit is non-refundable unless we are unable to provide you with the specific kid you wanted, such as specific gender or breeding. We do not take deposits based on color of hair or eyes. Many kids are sold before they even hit the ground, so if you have your heart set on a particular breeding, it is best to put down a deposit, so you are not disappointed if someone else buys the kid. Reservations are filled in the order that deposits are received, and we often have multiple reservations on individual breedings.


We will take up to two reservations on a first freshener and up to three reservations on senior does. A reservation is not a guarantee that you will get a kid from a specific breeding because we have no control over how many bucks and does are produced from a specific breeding. For example, if you have the second doe reservation on a specific breeding, and the goat only has one doe, we will not be able to fulfill your request. In that case, you can move your deposit to a different goat, or we can give you a refund.


We reserve the right to retain any kid in our herd, for any reason, and if you do not have a second choice, we will provide a refund. We have only done this once in the years we’ve been raising goats, so it is certainly not something to worry about under normal circumstances, but it is something to be aware of. Under normal circumstances, we decide at breeding which kids we will be retaining each year; however, things happen, which can change our plans. In 2020, we had our first c-section, and felt the need to retain the surviving kid.

When can you take your baby goat home?

Dam-raised kids can go to their new homes when they weigh 20 pounds, but NO earlier than 8-10 weeks of age for bucklings/wethers and 10-12 weeks for doelings. We will be happy to keep them here until they are three months old because we feel strongly that they will be healthier if they get their dam’s milk for a longer period of time. On the rare occasion we have bottle-raised kids, they can only go to their new home earlier than 8-12 weeks if the new owner will have goat milk available to feed them and they have experience with bottle babies.

Our Kid-Rearing Philosophy

Almost all of our kids are dam-raised. It is against our philosophy to take babies away from their mothers and raise them on a bottle unless there is some extraordinary circumstance. Because goats only have two teats, and younger does don’t produce as much as older does, we may  bottle-feed or supplement kids if we are concerned that they may not get enough milk while being raised by mom. These kids could be bottle raised at their new home, but will only be allowed to leave our farm at 8 weeks or later and to an experienced, bottle feeding home.  We realize that some people believe goats must be bottle-fed if you want friendly goats; however, we disagree. Our herd includes both dam-raised and bottle-fed adults, and you can’t tell them apart based on their personalities. If you want friendly goats, you need to spend time with them, and if you don’t have time to spend with them, then you shouldn’t be getting them in the first place.

Goat Registration: ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) and MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association)

All breeding quality animals are sold with registration papers or with a registration application with ADGA or MDGA in the case of our mini’s. Our tattoo sequence is registered with both registries. We will not knowingly sell any animal with papers if it has a serious fault or disqualification. We cannot guarantee mature height on a kid, but none of our goats are over the maximum height.  All of our goats are microchipped and tattooed before leaving for their new homes.



If you don't live near us and are interested in our goats, we are happy to work with transport and assist in getting health certificates.  Buyer is responsible for coordinating transport as well as cost and the cost of any testing needed as well as health certificates.  We are happy to have our vet issue any needed travel papers at buyer's expense.


All goats are disbudded or polled (naturally hornless), which is required for showing. If you are wanting horned kids, you will need to contact us before kids are born to let us know.  Payment in full is required on any horned kid and is non-refundable as having horns drastically affects our ability to re-home them.

Goat Names

Like most serious goat breeders, we name our registered kids based upon a pattern or system. People have all sorts of systems, but in our case, each doe has a theme.  Why do we do this? To keep everyone straight! People are always wondering how I can keep all the names and pedigrees straight on nearly 50 goats. Well, I wouldn’t be able to if I didn’t have some sort of system. Not only can I keep straight who’s who on the farm, but I will also recognize names of goats that are sold. So, if someday I see one of my goats on a show list or a milk test list, I’ll immediately know who the parents are just by looking at the name. 


Of course, you can call your goat whatever you want. We have bought a few goats that had such odd names, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to call them that. If you feel strongly about a goat’s name, please be sure to inform us when you first contact us. We are always happy to have help coming up with names, and we’ve been very happy with some of the names that buyers have selected. If you’d like to help name your goat, just let us know, and we’ll tell you what the dam’s theme is, and you can do all the research to find a suitable name.

Disease Testing Requests

Our herd is clean tested annually and we keep a closed herd.  If you want testing performed prior to purchasing an animal, please let us know when you first contact us, because testing may take as long as three weeks to accomplish, depending upon the the lab’s schedule. You are responsible for all costs associated with testing, and prices will start around $50 for one test.

Additional Questions?

We love to talk about our goats and want you to be completely satisfied with any goats you may acquire from us.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions!


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Goat Cuddle Sessions

Through the end of May 2024


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