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Why Are Our Products Labeled "Pet Consumption Only"?!?

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

If you've seen our milk, cheese or eggs, you've probably noticed they are labeled "pet consumption only" and have likely wondered why that is.

All of our milk, cheeses and eggs are promoted with the puzzling message, “for pet consumption only.” That’s because the milk is “raw,” meaning it's unpasteurized, and as such cannot be sold legally in Florida for human consumption. Our eggs are ungraded and unwashed and not inspected by the USDA. Thirty four states in the US do allow raw milk sales, as well as most countries in Europe. Here in Florida, and in 3 other states, raw milk can only legally be sold for pet or animal use.

What Licensing Do We Maintain?

We maintain what is called a Feed Master Registration (Our # is Z004323) with the Florida Department Of Agriculture and Consumer Services and each quarter must file a report and annually must renew our registration. This Feed Master Registration allows us to legally sell milk for pet consumption as well as cheese and eggs.

In addition to our Feed Master Registration, we also participate in the Fresh From Florida program also through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

What Is Required To Sell Milk For Human Consumption?

To sell milk for human consumption, a farmer/producer must have a Grade A dairy, separate milking facilities and they must be USDA inspected, have a disease tested herd and pasteurize their milk among other things. These things are cost prohibitive to a small farming operation, costing 100's of thousands of dollars to start up. We do disease test our entire milking herd annually and are happy to produce the records to any customers wanting to see them. We also maintain a separate milking area and filter all of our milk into new and sterile containers when we sell milk.

Is Raw Milk Safe?

Health authorities say pasteurization is necessary to prevent transmission of dangerous bacteria. Raw milk advocates counter that pasteurization also destroys beneficial enzymes and “good” bacteria that contribute to flavor, and that outbreaks of food-borne illness are more often associated with industrial farming rather than with family farms.

Can We Drink The Milk, Eat The Cheese or Eat The Eggs?

Our Feed Master Registration is for pet consumption only. We can not engage in ANY conversation regarding humans consuming any of our products. If you ask us questions about consuming our products, we can only tell you they are for pet consumption only. Please do not inquire about recipes, safety for human consumption or anything else which could jeopardize our Feed Master Registration. We promise we are not trying to be rude, it's just the requirement to maintain our Feed Master Registration.

We hope this clears up the mystery of the "Pet Consumption Only" labeling on our products. If you have further questions, please reach out to us.

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