One Dozen Pasture Raised Duck Eggs

One Dozen Pasture Raised Duck Eggs

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One dozen duck eggs from organically fed, pasture raised ducks.  No antibiotics or hormones.  Our ducks eat as much vegetation and bugs as they desire while ranging our pastures daily.  They are supplemented with various greens daily and have free access to water to swim.  Many of our duck eggs are double yolkers and there's nothing better to bake with than duck eggs?!  Baked goods are fluffier and richer in flavor due to the higher fat content of duck eggs than chicken eggs.  Once you've baked with duck eggs, you'll never go back.  Also great as a scrambled egg in the morning.  Much larger than chicken eggs, our duck eggs grade out as jumbo in size. CAN NOT BE SHIPPED

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    CAN NOT be shipped.  Available for local pick up in Parrish, Florida.


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