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Welcome To
Serenity Oaks Homestead, LLC

A family owned and operated homestead located in Parrish, Florida

Serenity Oaks Homestead is a 6 acre farm established in 2015 and is home to pasture raised flocks of Welsh Harlequin, Pekin, Muscovy and Indian Runner ducks as well as several guard geese.   Our water fowl are pasture raised and receive no medications, antibiotics or hormones, and live as naturally as possible so the eggs they lay and the ducklings they raise are of  superior quality.  We have ducklings as well as fertile duck eggs for hatching and duck eggs for eating/baking available.


You'll also find our large flock of  pasture raised chickens roaming free on the property as they spend their days searching for bugs and vegetation.  Our chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or medications and provide our farm fresh eggs, fertile eggs for hatching and chicks we offer for sale. 


Niles and Frasier, our rescued horses as well as three rescued miniature donkeys also call Serenity Oaks home.  One of the donkeys, Piper, is one of only 9 registered therapy donkeys in the US and is able to visit assisted living homes, schools and many other places  providing compassion and reassurance to those who need it most.

Our ever expanding herd of Nigerian Dwarf, Lamancha and Alpine dairy goats can be found browsing for weeds and sunbathing upon their many climbing platforms while raising their kids and providing the milk for our raw milk sales as well as cheese, soap and other goat milk products.  Our goats are disease tested yearly and we maintain a Florida Feed Master License (Z004323).  We never utilize any milk from goats who are receiving medication and our goats only receive the highest quality of hay, non-medicated grain and have access to pasture all day long.