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How To Safely Handle Raw Milk

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Follow these tips to safely handle raw milk:

Transport home in a chilled cooler and immediately place into the fridge once arriving home. Do not store milk in the door of the fridge as the temperature fluctuates too much. Ideally the temperature in your fridge should be 34-37 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the lid on your milk tightly closed to avoid picking up other food odors in the milk. Promptly return the milk to the fridge after each use, don’t leave it sitting out during breakfast or dinner or while you finish that pot of coffee. Never mix old and new milk together and never mix warm and cold milk either.

If you won’t use the milk quickly, separate it into smaller sanitized glass containers and open them one at a time. Milk can be frozen, but be sure to allow room for expansion and NEVER freeze in glass jars. Freeze only fresh milk as older milk once thawed will taste old, but fresh milk will retain its fresh taste. To defrost frozen milk, thaw in a pan of cold water or in the fridge, NEVER on the counter. Once thawed, shake well. If there is any separation, you can briefly put it through a blender.

Milk should last up to 2 weeks if properly stored and handled.

Half gallon of milk from our herd of dairy goats.

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